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Welcome To The Arius Blog

June 1st, 2018 Posted by For Art Lovers 0 comments on “Welcome To The Arius Blog”

While Arius Technology does in fact have “technology” in our name, we have begun to reference ourselves as more than that; as an art brand that leverages technology to make art more accessible, and help the preservation and creation of art.

The intersection between art and technology is expanding, and the results are amazing. Developments such as 3D printing and virtual reality seemed nearly impossible a decade ago. At Arius, we are proud to say that our devotion to developing and maintaining an art-rich culture is helping to scratch the surface of these new possibilities.

As such, this blog will bring to you the latest research and trends surrounding art conservation and preservation. Furthermore, we will inform you how, at Arius, we are helping to preserve our cultural heritage.

Stay tuned to see what happens next when technology is applied in new ways. Feel free to reach out at

All the best,

Arius Technology