Arius Press Room – September 7, 2018

Arius Technology Collaborates with British Museum Powerhouse, Tate, for 3D Scanning and Reproduction of Art

Canadian art-technology leader, Arius Technology, has partnered with Tate, an iconic UK institution and leading international museum, to help protect, conserve, and reproduce masterpieces.

Vancouver, CA and London, UK – September 7, 2018

Arius Technology, the leader in 3D mapping, digitization, and reproduction of fine art, today announced that Tate, UK, has signed a five-year partnership to scan and reproduce artworks by world-famous artists and British masters. Famous for its blockbuster exhibitions, Tate Modern is the UK’s third most visited attraction and the institution welcomes over 7.5 million visitors to its four sites each year.

An art-technology first for the British institution, Arius has worked closely with Tate conservators and historians to capture 3D scans of several masterpieces, some of which are not currently on display.

The data from Arius’ optical 3D laser scanning system, can be used by the Tate to develop a 3D digital archive of their paintings. Approved by world-class museums, Arius’ safety-first approach allows the geometry and colour of every brushstroke to be recorded with detail as fine as one tenth of a human hair – without even touching the surface of a painting.

One of few art technology developments that offer museums essential new research tools, Arius is helping pave the way for cutting-edge conservation techniques. Thanks to 3D scanning, Tate, and other museums around the world, will be able to trial virtual restoration before implementing plans on the original works.

“The partnership with Arius represents a wonderful opportunity for Tate to learn more about some of the works in our collection, preserve them for posterity, and also reproduce them to an astonishingly high quality that will enable so many people to see every brushstroke at close hand. Conservation and commerce working hand in hand to help foster knowledge, make works more accessible to wider audiences, and generate income. We were enormously impressed by Arius’ great expertise and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.” – John Stachiewicz, Publishing & Business Director, Tate

Based in Vancouver, BC, Arius’ team of engineers process millions of data points, transforming virtual re-creations into beautiful textured prints that will be available to purchase later this year.

This partnership provides Tate an opportunity to free works from the physical safety of their museums, allowing art enthusiasts to enjoy pieces of their collection anywhere in the world, while receiving an essential boost to funding. Tate receives royalties from Arius’ reproduction sales. This income will help mitigate the financial pressures facing Tate and other museums from decreasing government budgets in the face of growing demand for the preservation and restoration of works that are degrading with time.

“We are very proud to be working with Tate, a global icon in art heritage and culture. We are devoted to helping institutions, like Tate, ease the financial pressure it takes to run a museum while still offering stunning exhibitions that the public can affordably access. Together, Tate and Arius are at the forefront of using 3D digitization technology to change the way we protect, preserve, and live with art, ensuring an art-rich culture for future generations.” – Paul Lindahl, CEO and Director, Arius Technology


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