Art Meets Technology

Changing the way the world lives with art.

At Arius, our technology is world-leading, allowing us to be at the center of working with artists, art collectors, and internationally respected museums. From creating original contemporary artworks to carrying out ground-breaking research and making art more accessible, our technology is helping to change the way we live with art.

Digitizing Masterpieces

During digitization, our 3D mapping system takes hundreds of millions of measurements of the painting surface without ever touching it. Each data point measurement includes the colour and height of the painting surface to a level of detail that’s finer than one-tenth of a human hair.

Painting safety is paramount for any fine art conservation project and the Arius digitization system has been designed in conjunction with leading museum conservation teams, specifically for such delicate and valuable assets. For instance, building a portable system means paintings never have to leave the safety of a museum or storage facility.

Making change happen side by side

With Arius Technology’s specially designed data pipeline, the mapping data is transformed into a 3D digital model and converted into a format that’s ready to be archived or for elevated printing via our trusted partner.

One of the many steps of digitization is our colour management process and technology. Unique to elevated printing, this ensures the colour and texture of every brushstroke in a Verus Art reproduction is as close as possible to the original painting. Master-proofs are printed initially, allowing museum conservators to compare the results to the original painting before authorizing the full edition.

“alta™ really thought through what the artist needs to engage with this new printmaking process.”

Turning Impossible Ideas into Reality

Our technology has most recently been developed into a new creative platform for artists to marry traditional mediums with printmaking for the digital era. Via our alta™ brand, our capabilities to digitally intervene with a physical input allow us to work closely with artists to reach new heights.

Starting with one plate of brushstrokes, textures, and finishes, an artist has infinite options when digitally re-working, transforming and manipulating their input mediums into original works that can be produced in singles or as variable editions.

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