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Arius offers an industry-leading program in which we collaborate closely with museums throughout the entire process. Starting with a discussion about your priorities and your collection, we can start building a bespoke partnership and program. Our digitization process starts with our in-museum scanning, before the data is processed at our offices in Vancouver, BC. Our trusted printing partners take care of the elevated printing and Larson-Juhl can step in for any framing and distribution of reproductions.

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Museums can use textured reproductions for educational outreach programs, ensuring an art-rich culture and education is accessible to everybody.

Take digital snapshots of your collection to preserve the condition of a painting as it is today, helping future restoration efforts for generations to come.

Textured reproductions can help us better understand our favorite artists by being able to touch and feel the relief of their original brushstrokes.

Our museum partners receive a royalty from every reproduction sold, helping to financially support the museum and any outreach programs.

Inspect the surface of a painting with the ability to zoom into details as fine as one-tenth of a human hair, and experiment with digital restoration before starting the hands-on restoration.

It’s important for the world’s greatest museums and galleries to be at the forefront of new technology and how it can benefit the future of art.

With reproductions that aren’t bound by the safety of the museum, you can spread your story and promote campaigns by sending even the most precious works in your collection to anywhere in the world.

A full copy of digitization data is transferred to the museum, with the freedom to repurpose it for scientific, educational, or commercial activities in the future.

National Gallery of Canada Collection

With our debut collection launching textured reproductions of works by great masters and Canadian heroes, the National Gallery of Canada collaboration is a glowing example of how we can work together to conserve fine art, provide commercial opportunities, and support future education and outreach programs.

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