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Safeguard your collection with 3D digitization.

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With 3D Digital Archiving, you can invest in peace of mind that you own a digital snapshot of your precious art collection. Safeguarding artwork against damage and degradation is made possible with our Digital Archive data, which can be used by restoration experts to treat and prevent deterioration in the future.

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Even in the safest of facilities, it’s only a matter of time before degradation needs special restoration. Our technology helps detect early signs of decay and deterioration and can be used to turn back time digitally before even touching the original painting.

With our digital archiving service, you can invest in our re-creation services at a later date. You might need to move your precious artwork into a storage facility for better protection, or you might want additional copies to share with family or to enjoy your collection in multiple locations.

Dating back to a research project on the Mona Lisa, our technology has already been graced with the canvases of the world’s most loved artists. From Van Gogh’s to Monet’s, museum curators have approved our system and safety procedures.

If you choose to live with your art collection at home, risk of damage or degradation increases. With a digital archive, you can safeguard any risk of accidents by having access to data that can be used by restoration experts to repair any damage.

Working with global leaders in art storage and freeports, Arius is working towards a service that naturally fits into the process of today’s art handling and storage services. With digitization systems on site, your collection can be scanned in secure facilities before going into its dedicated vault.

Our digital archiving data records detail as fine as one-tenth of a human hair, allowing experts to closely examine for any fake artwork and to look for signs of authenticity beyond what the human eye can see.

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3D mapping of Van Gogh's Iris

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