Our Story

Arius is devoted to collaborating with museums, collectors, and artists for the preservation and creation of art. Helping to develop and maintain an art-rich culture around the globe.

There aren’t many tech companies that can say their roots go back to developing a system for the digital forensic analysis of the Mona Lisa. Several years ago, that’s exactly what was happening with the 3D optical laser scanning technology that Arius later acquired from the National Research Council.

After years of developing the original technology, we no longer think of ourselves as a ‘tech company’, but an art company. One that’s focused on bridging the worlds of art and technology. We enable collectors and museums to digitally archive and restore masterpieces that are beginning to fade and perish. We are bringing artworks of the great masters to the people, through our elevated prints, which accurately capture the colour and geometry of every brushstroke. Our passion for exploration and curiosity around art of the future also means we’re providing contemporary artists with a platform for new artistic exploration and creation.

Meet our other brands:

Alta logo, an Arius Technology brand

Presenting our exciting new platform for contemporary artists, alta™ will bring printmaking into the digital age. Working in collaboration with artists we’ll be opening new avenues for exploration and creation, to produce original textured editions known as Elegraph™ prints.

Verus Art Logo, an Arius Technology brand

Collaborating with world-famous museums and artists, Verus Art is changing the way the world accesses and lives with art, thanks to textured fine art reproductions. With Arius’ pioneering 3D digitization technology, artwork can be enjoyed anywhere in the world, while helping to protect and preserve original works.

“It’s a great opportunity for kids to see what’s possible and to be motivated and inspired, and hopefully, follow their dreams and passions… to become artists one day.”

– Vital Peeters, VP, Lord Selkirk Elementary

Making Art More Accessible


One of the most powerful opportunities our technology offers the art world comes from knocking down barriers of accessibility. The great masterpieces we all know and love will remain in the care of museums, places that only a small percentage of people will visit and experience in person.

Via the Verus Art® brand, we collaborate with museums and galleries across the globe to ethically, and responsibly, create textured reproductions of artwork by some of the world’s most loved artists. Art Connection, our Community Outreach Program is taking touchable, durable reproductions from our Verus Art collection into classrooms of elementary schools. Together, we can help foster an art-rich culture and bring art to those who might never experience the original pieces.

Learn about Art Connection

“We were very interested in what they had done to develop the technology from the original version because there were lots of safety features factored in, including an auto-shutoff.”

– Stephen Gritt, Director of Conservation and Technical Research, National Gallery of Canada

Protecting Humanity’s Most Precious Assets


With the foundations of our technology being used to scan the Mona Lisa, our teams of engineers have spent years developing the conservation technology of tomorrow. With digital archiving, we can take a 3D snapshot of precious artworks, which can be referenced for restoration and repair at any point in the future.

Pioneering 3D mapping and digitization also mean that even the earliest signs of degradation can be identified, without even touching the surface of a painting. Allowing conservators to plan ahead for restoration, and even prevent degradation, we are helping to protect art for generations to come.